Activities at Savannah Shores



Fishing off the beach or by boat, there is a great variety of fish to be caught; Barramundi, King Salmon, Grunter and Mud Crabs just to name a few.

Wine and Dine

Dine at the Sunset Tavern (only 90 meters from Savannah Shores) or choose one of the local cafes to watch the sun-set over the Gulf.

Chartered Boats

Chartered Boats are available for a guided fishing trips, crocodile spotting, or just a scenic sun-set tour. Boat hire for fishing or your own personal use is also available.

Ferry Cruises

Experience the Gulf sun-set and river cruises, night crocodile spotting and bird watching cruises.

Bird Watching

Karumba is a bird watchers paradise with over 190 different species living locally.

Scenic Flights

Scenic flights are available from the airport in Karumba.

Golf and Bowls

Golf and Bowls can be enjoyed at the local recreation club at Karumba.

Barramundi Farm

Visit the Barramundi Discovery Centre.